Dear Caroline and Sam

Dear Caroline and Sam,

This morning I woke up with

the dawn

I put on

my slippers

Oops. I meant to put on


my shoes

My car was covered


with ice

I turned on


and drove to


I bought

bacon eggs and milk

Then, I drove back to Jenny’s, and we had breakfast. I love you, I miss you. Keep taking good care of Daddy for me.

Love Mama

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Jessie Powell is the Jester Queen. She likes to tell you about her dog, her kids, her fiction, and her blog, but not necessarily in that order.


Dear Caroline and Sam — 3 Comments

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    dear mom i love you and i miss you! love caroline

    zzzztttjjjjjpoijkkkkkkkkkmnbvccxxzqwertyuiopmnbvcxzaqsvvvvvvvvvvv cccccccccccccc (from sam again)