Friday Fluff February 10 2012

Welcome to the preValentines edition of Friday Fluff! But let’s not get all mushy-gushy. Instead, let’s get straight into mocking answering some seriously fucked up quiz questions.

These questions come from here, and are all “What would you do if” questions (even though the author doesn’t bother with a single question mark.) So. Get ready, get set, Bang! Go!

Stranded in a forest alone
Check for Geocaches, then use Google Maps on my cell phone to find my way out. (Turn left at the pockmarked tree; go three hundred feet; watch out for the Fire Swamp and the R.O.U.S.’s unless you have the Dread Pirate Roberts along for backup.)

 Sensed someone stalking you
Sensed how?… Read the rest

Sentimental Journey

My grandparents dated in the era of Glenn Miller and Tommy Dorsey. I’m told they both could cut quite a rug. And their song, the one that could lift them both from any sorrow, even the death of their only son, was “Sentimental Journey”. They liked many versions, but none better than those sung by Doris Day.

When my grandmother came home to die, I ransacked Wal-Mart. I found and purchased the last Big Band CD in the place. I brought it back and put it on the CD player for her. I played their song, and my grandparents smiled.


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My Life In Music February 14

I’m so excited! Bella over at If This is Motherhood and I are teaming up to present a new Meme every other week. Here’s the story. A few weeks ago, Bella posted an entry about her favorite group, Nickelback. I gotta admit, I’m no Nickelback fan. But her post showed so eloquently why she loves the band that while I was reading her entry, I WANTED to be a Nickelback fan.

In that post, she said she would someday do a series about her life in music, and when I read that, bells went off in my head. I e-mailed her fast saying something to the effect of “ZOMG I want in!”

It’s a few weeks later, and now Bella has designed our awesome logo, and we’re ready to go live with our first link-up, below.… Read the rest