The day after I wrote  the story where a five year old nearly drowns, I lost Sam for twenty minutes in the Tennessee Aquarium. Irony much? Intellectually, I knew there was no way he could get at the tanks. Everything was encased behind a wall of glass, and no child could sneak through those locked doors. But before security found him two floors above me, trying to escape and get to the car, I ran repeatedly past the same spot, each time looking up into two stories of light infused water, expecting to see my son’s green-coated body floating down.


Sorry Lance, Carrie. My entry for the hundred word song is not nearly as chipper as “White Nights”.  I picked up on the  musical intensity and the surreal video with the water and diving at the end. And just to be clear, Sam was fine. He was adamant that because he had known he was safe, I should not have been concerned. Little. Shit.

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  1. Besides the real world, and maybe even moreso, imagination is a parent's worst enemy.

    Awesome post – thanks for sharing of yourself.

    • Ohhhhh yeah. And that above doesn't even go into the kidnappers I had conjuured up. The worst part for me was that he was answering when we first got separated. I would call his name and he woudl say "I'm wight hewe" without ever explaining where 'here' was.

      And then he stopped answering me.

      And that was when I flipped my wig. From his perspective, I'm sure it was perfectly rational. He got sick of answering, couldn't imagine why I was still calling when he was very obviously going to the CAR, right? I could have strangled him, except I was wayyyy too happy he turned out to be alive.

      • it really is our imaginations that will be the death of us. I remember having an overly active imagination when we were all perfectly safe but broke down with a flat tire on a busy road. I can't even begin to tell you how many "accidents" and ways I and my son could die just being on the grassy area not even near enough to my van to get hurt, LOL.

        I am so glad that you found him and that he was okay.

  2. My god, I could not imagine. So far I have only lost sight of my kid once. It was at a huge fair with crazy crowds but it was also only about 2 min…longest 2 min of my life!

    Glad it all worked out

    • Yeah. We've lost him at a downtown festival a couple of times and at Disney, but the longest prior to now was at most five minutes. I was just this side of a driveling fool.

  3. Would have been enough to send me right round the bend! I'd be clasping more than his hand! Can see how the song and video could bring this up. Awesome!

    • I would have LIKED to have clasped him around the throat, but I thought it might not be the most loving gesture since I'd only just gotten him back 🙂

  4. Every parent has had that nightmare and every time we hold them a little tighter for a little longer. I've never had one that intense. Just a few moments but the fear is intense and painful regardless.