My Life In Music: Whitney Houston

It’s an every other Thursday folks (like that has a whole lot of meaning to you who are not tracking Thursdays) so it’s time for Bella and I to host another edition of My Life In Music. This round is dedicated to Whitney Houston. Bella is a Whitney fan, and, while I’m not,  I have a lot of respect for the lady and a great deal to say about the tragedy of her death. I’ll be adding my actual submission to the meme in a couple of days, but for now, I wanted to get it up and running over here at Jester Queen.

If you participate, please take a moment to comment on Bella’s and my submissions and at least one other person’s. Beyond that,  just follow the prompt! There is nothing else.  You can post a list of songs, a music video or even just the lyrics of a song! Any genre, any song.  Tell us what it means to you — why it is significant in your life.  That’s all there is to it! Let’s have some fun sharing our lives through music!!.

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My Life In Music: Whitney Houston — 6 Comments

  1. Her death was sad but not surprising. Yes, she had a lovely voice for much of her life. She was a diva and had multiple issues. I am sorry she is gone but it didn't really change my life.

    • I feel guilty saying it, but I am more compelled by her death than by her life. She meant a LOT to some of my friends. The greatest love got one through an addiction crisis. So I'll give the lady her due.

    • I'm glad you like it! The meme is My Life in Music. Every other week, Bella from Ifthisismotherhood and I run a linkup. The first one was a Valentiney themed one, and this one is Whitney Houston. I've got to get my post in for my own meme. It was going to be first after the break, but my indieink piece snuck in there, so Whitney is tomorrow's topic. (Bella's a fan; I'm a nonfan admirer if there is such a thing.) ANyway, half the reason I finally went self hosted is I'm SICK SICK SICK of not being able to see my linkup in my own blog, and I can now update my theme page so you can see the others who have linked up, which doesn't allow! Here's the link to the meme