Size does matter

Rebel Rebel

Yes. I took this picture of my Rebel with my Android.

Since I got my new camera, I’ve started judging people by the size of their lenses. In spite of the fact that until five years ago I didn’t even want  a digital camera because I scoffed at their low quality, I now simply assume everyone is packing pixels instead of canisters. Even though I was perfectly happy with my little Panasonic Lumix until last August or so, I now look down on mere point and clicks. Here are some of the things I think when I see someone taking pictures.

“Huh. Camera phone. Some people just swear by their i-phones, but I really only use mine for online stuff.”

“Eh. Point and click. It’s good enough for some things, but, you know.”

“Pfft. Kit camera. Unless it’s a Rebel (i.e. my camera) it isn’t worth much.”

“There’s another Rebel. Even the pros think this is the only kit camera worth having.”

“Is that a fisheye? I totally want a fisheye lens for my close-ups.”

“Now that’s no kit. That’s got one mighty lens on it.”

“Look at the barrel on that thing. It must weigh a ton. The resolution must be extraordinary.”

So, dear reader, tell me, how big is yours?

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Size does matter — 24 Comments

  1. You just made me laugh out loud at "Look at the barrel on that thing. It must weigh a ton."

    My dear husband just bought me, well, our family a new camera for Christmas. I had wanted one that was not the one Ashton Kutcher swears is the best point and shoot. He looks so "cheap" in those commercials. 🙂

    So, he got a Sony Cyber Shot. It is the deal right below the RS. There are a lot of features and the clarity and quality of the pictures are incredible. I really like the zoom. We have a lot of wild life where we live, so now I can capture the birds, deer, or fox without having to worry about being too close to scare them off.

    So, I think it depends on what kind of camera suits you that works best. 🙂 Great post!
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  2. I admit to lens envy too. I have four lenses – a standard 18-55mm, a 55-200mm, and two prime lenses – a 50mm and a 20mm wide angle.

    I'd like a dedicated macro lens, but those cost more than my Nikon camera body did.
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    • You're almost certainly one of the photographers I watch with quiet envious yearning when we're out places. "Dear God someday my camera will do that, too". (My camera does awesome things, and that knowledge has like opened my eyes to the real possibilities.)
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  3. took a gander after I saw your post on SITS. I don't know a thing about cameras, and use my Iphone a lot, but I would love to learn more!
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    • I'm learning slowly. S-L-L-OOWWLY. It's a fun education, though. I need to cave in and pay money for an online photography course through a real college. I want to know more here.

  4. I'm buying my first DSLR this week…hopefully Friday. As much as I would love to go crazy on fancy lenses I'm not stupid. I should possibly learn how to USE the camera before I splurge on extra lenses 🙂

    I'm buying a Nikon though. The Rebel felt awkward and heavy in my hands. Can we still be friends?
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  5. I take photos from my iPhone. I used to use a point and shoot digital, but I stubbornly held onto film until about 2007.

    I travel a lot, and I like to look like I blend in when I do. Lugging a big camera sort of screams 'tourist' in bigger cities, so I carry my phone in my pocket and snap pictures when the mood strikes. I use them on my blog, but they are largely for me to remember things. They've come in really handy for my writing if I can't nail a description from memory.

    I cannot comment on your blog from my phone today. Wanted you to know. I tried earlier and got error messages no matter what I did.

    • We're scrambling to convert all our pre 2007 film stuff .We held out too. Until then, the quality sucked. But my Mom's friend gave her an old Lumix point and shoot. Mom loved it and loaned it to us after Sam was born, and suddenly our second child has as many photos as the first. More if we don't hurry up and get this converting done!!
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  6. You'll find that the pros will look at you like dirt for having such a ridiculous camera, although they of course have never taken their fancier, more expensive, but heavier, camera off auto mode whilst everyone else thinks you're reliable enough to ask to take their picture for them on their little two-foot puddlejumper point and shoots. 😉

    PS. I have no idea which Rebel you have because Canon use completely different names over here but they must be similar!
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  7. This made me laugh. I have a Nikon Coolpix that does me fine for most purposes, but I will admit that occasionally I think I ought to get a DSLR, if only so I won't feel inadequate!

    • We loved loved loved our little Lumix. It was a point and shoot. I couldn't imagine why anybody wanted those big clunky things anymore. Now, I feel like I need holy water to absolve me of such scandalous opinions!!
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  8. Not very, but I made sure to get a good camera in the middle range before the, uh, you know, hit the fan a couple years back. It just has one lens that focuses and I think it's pretty good, but looking at yours, I definitely don't think you'd covet it. 🙂

    • Don't worry – it's safe to swear in Jesterland. The fact that I didn't drop an F-bomb on this post is totally totally coincidental. I'm famous for them! Your logic is actually quite sound.

    • My Dad got it for me for my birthday last year. Complete shocker. It's really nice. Does her high school offer photography courses? Because that's what I lack, is training now.
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