Spring Break (Take Two)

It’s been a week here. A spring break of a week to be specific. Having both kids home from school all week is …. nuts. But adorable. (Mostly. There are no photos of when Sam threw Linda’s cat in the pool. Oh yes he did. Wanted to see if Pretty could swim. Verdict? Yes. But she may never trust small children again. Linda is truly an amazing friend.) Anyway, here are some pictures in lieu of anything intelligent to say on the subject.

Except this. Our kids were in the same vicinity as the broad banded copperhead, and we removed them from said location. But they were not in any way CLOSE to the snake. Nor was I. Long range lens is true love.

And hopefully this post will WORK on the second try. It crashed my blog on the first effort.

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Spring Break (Take Two) — 9 Comments

  1. A girlfriend and I, years ago, climbed the tumbled rocks facing Devil's lake in Wisconsin. 200 feet up the cliff face. When we got to the top, a Park Ranger asked us if we knew that the rocks were infested with rattlesnakes. We didn't. We took the back trail down.

    • Eeks!! Trail back down. Wise. I bet the ranger was just watching at the top, waiting to see if you got bitten.

    • He was cool. He was just trying to sun on a rock and along came these annoying hyuoomans.

  2. We once ran upon a sleeping timber rattler in the middle of a hiking trail. Dumb dumb us went right around it………..

    • The woman heading my Master's Committee and her husband once enraged a copperhead. It was the perfect setup, in her words. She walked by oblivious. He, following, had his foot out when the snake struck. He saw the motion, and was so shocked he jumped straight in the air so she snake missed completely and slithered away in one direction while they ran the others.

  3. Poor kitty. Cats are excellent swimmers (or so I hear), but I can't believe Sam got out of that little adventure unscathed! The kitty will know better next time. 😉

    The kidlets are too cute (love blondies!!) and the snake… well, thank goodness for the long-range lens indeed!