It started with the colors

But things got silly fast

for Sam, anyway.

Caroline was into the eggs at a much deeper level

She really considered what colors to use

and took great pride in her results;

especially when she realized I’d put her name on one of her eggs.

Sam was pretty thrilled when he saw his first eggs come out.


But on the whole, he was more interested in dumping colors together and dying himself mushy blue.

In the end, they both had an eggsellent time.

Right up until Sam melted down for four hours when the project was over. Oh well. Can’t win them all, and even he had fun while the project was in progress.




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Eggz — 12 Comments

    • Sadness! I bet there were cute kids involved. I can bombard you with a 208 pictures if you want. (You don’t. It takes 208 to get 8 good ones)…

  1. I keep meaning to do easter eggs but then I think of the mess…and having to eat the hard boiled eggs after (and I don’t like em) so I just avoid mentioning it 🙂

    You ended up with lovely eggs (and cute kids too!)
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    • It’s not as bad as it might be. Even if you don’t use lazy disposable cups, the dyes wash right out of the household mugs. Even Sam managed to contain his mess, and within a few minutes our house looked … well, as good as anything ever does around here.