Not What I Meant To Do At All












Dear Mrs. McIntyre,

I’m sorry I ran over your mailbox with Dad’s car. I thout I hit the braks. I guess not. I’ll pay you the $65 slowly cos I only ern five dollrs a week.




This is my entry for this week’s Trifextra. We are to write an apology in 33 words (salutation and closing don’t count against). I owe credit to my co-author, Caroline, who helped me with the spelling and posed as Lexi. However, she wants everyone to know she would never steal Dad’s car, and that our car is just ‘our car’, not ‘Dad’s car’. Β The handwriting is mine – I’m a lefty and that’s what it looks like when I write with my right hand.

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Not What I Meant To Do At All — 40 Comments

    • She’s exceedingly specific. Partially, it comes of the Asperger’s. Partially, she’s just doomed to it from being Scott’s and my daughter.

  1. That.Is.AWESOME

    So creative, so clever. And Caroline was a perfect model for the pictures πŸ™‚
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  2. lol, I totally screwed up my email address in that comment so don’t try to reply to it :p
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    • I’ve been deliberately screwing mine up to be able to post! But I’ve figured out that (*DUHHHHHHHH*) I can create e-mails with this self hosted account and get through the wordpress security shit thatway.

    • She’s totally putting up a stern front because dear GOD she doesn’t want Lexi to think she got away with it. Haha! I don’t think Lexi will be going for aaany more joy rides.

    • Yes! I think Caroline was getting tired of spelling words for me by “Snrly”. She’d told me to look for a dictionary twice. I nearly came up with something of my own, but then I thought, “well, LEXI is probably tired of writing and doesn’t care how it’s spelled”. So I kept it!

    • She’s a hoot. I think that she felt much better once she realized we don’t have a “mommy’s car” and a “daddy’s car”. We have “the red car” and “the blue car”. Clearly,everybody one earth knew that in her mind, because she stopped worrying that anybody might think it was really her.

  3. The pictured letter is a story of its own. I like the way she felt the need to say she only gets 5 bucks a week.

    This is hilarious and poignant. I loved it
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    • Yeah, and I bet Mom and Dad won’t be upping that anytime soon. Hopefully thirteen or so weeks of debt will convince her not to swipe the car again.

    • It was hard to get Lexi down to thirty words and cover all the major plot elements, but it worked out exactly like a kid would say it. I hope.