Memories Captured April: My Three Loves




Once more this April, I’m linking up with Galit Breen of These Little Waves and Alison of Mama Wants This for their monthly Memories Captured photo meme. Ladies, thanks for an awesome photo meme. This one stretches my editing boundaries every time, and I learn something new and cool in the process.

I edited with GimpShop software, which is like Photoshop, only free, and with Picmonkey, because, in spite of the fact that Gimp is painfully easy to use, I can’t figure out quiiiite everything I want to do in it.

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Memories Captured April: My Three Loves — 43 Comments

    • Yes, there absolutely are. And I’ve discovered I spend at least a week thinking through what I want to do for memories captured, and that I am so much more patient with them when I’ve been editing adorable pictures of them!

    • It’s a garden terrace at Callaway Gardens in Georgia. We couldn’t get him down, so I figured I’d take pictures. The next time we went, those terraces had ALL (and there were twelve of them) been chopped down. New ones are being installed, but I’m pretty sure our little monkey precipitated, or at least accellerated the project.

    • I’ve been driving my kids bonkers with this new camera I got in December. And yet the results are so compelling that I’m unlikely to put the thing down in spite of their (really adorable) eyerolls.

    • Thanks Carolyn,

      Photoshop is AWESOME. One year, when all six of the cousins got together for a photo and there were none with 6 cute kids (some of most, none of all, you know how that goes). One of the uncles photoshopped smiling heads onto the nonsmilers in the ones with the most smiling. Worked like a charm.

    • Thanks for dropping by! My kids are half the reason the pictures turn out right. Even though they’re complete turkeys (especially Sam) about those pictures, they’re so darned CUTE that if I can get the right body parts in the frame, it has a fifty-fifty shot of looking good in spite of me!

    • Thanks! That one of Sam with his eyes closed leaping in the air is fantastic. And it’s such a contrast from him holding completely still to get a butterfly on his finger.

  1. This is a priceless strand. Love the goofy faces and the butterflies. The interplay of words with photos – wonderful. You have a sweet family, and they are lucky to have you.

      • They will. My kids are in their 40s now and they immediately strike a pose because my camera is still up in their faces every time I see them.
        Love your blog and your writing.

  2. What a sweet family you have! That last picture is adorable.

    I saw that you had migrated from to! Congrats on the move! I’ve wanted to do that for quite some time, but it’s a daunting task.

    • I agree one hundred percent. About all of those things. I like Gimp because I can do more than I can in picmonkey. But I like picmonkey because there’s stuff in there I can’t do (or can’t figure out how to do) in Gimp. And when both of those fail, I use pixlr, though I’m kind of clueless in there still!!!

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