Uprinting Business Card Giveaway (Abridged Moby Dick)

Today,  I’m using a rafflecopter link to give away an order of Uprinting.com’s  business cards. As I said yesterday, this is a prize worthy of any blogger or writer. Or, come to think of it, literary character. These cards aren’t so non-standard that they’ll be hard to hold or store in a card container. But they aren’t just squares, either. They’ll stand out when presented at conferences to colleagues, agents, editors, and, hey, potential sponsors.

There are five styles, illustrated below. You can customize what information appears on the card and where you put it. You can also include images from your computer. However, One of the coolest features from my perspective is the availability of inexpensive stock images you can add to your cards and position according to your own desires.

You do pay extra for such images, but not much. The ones I chose for the below examples would add between one and five dollars to an order (price depends on image size, and you have a certain amount of control of image size). AND you only have to pay for an image once. So if you pay to use the image, you won’t have to pay again to use the SAME image the next time you want to include it in a card.

Just to be clear, these images are owned by fotolia. I haven’t paid for them; I own zero copyright; and quite frankly I didn’t even ask permission to use them in these illustrations. I’m going out on a limb for your amusement folks.

Now, I have designed these cards completely in Uprinting.com. I made j-pegs out of them with the always fashionable print-screen-then-crop method. And besides showing you some of the fun things you can do with UPrinting’s die-cut business cards, I do hereby illustrate for you Moby Dick. Consider how much SHORTER that novel would have been if all of the characters had just carried business cards. I think it would have gone something like this.

Melville's card

Meet the author



Oh – by the way – these things are double sided






Yes, they named a coffee chain for me.

Ascending Action and Climax


Climax and descending action






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    • Ugh! I’m sorry. How annoying. It isn’t hard to ship to Canada – they ought to make it available to the US and Canada and Mexico!

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