Houseguests Part II

The houseguests emerged. Butterflies don’t typically breed in captivity, but last night we are pretty sure ours did. We think, in fact, that this weekend we will be releasing an egg-heavy butterfly mother.


This weekend at Trifextra, we can write whatever we want, but it can only be 33 words long, and it has to include the word mother.

We didn’t take any pictures, but here’s youtube video that looks like it was made by people whose butterflies came from the same place. That habitat looks a lot like ours.

May I just say…it took their butterflies ages to move past ‘mating ritual’ into ‘actual mating’. It took ours …. days? Hours? Not long at all. Caroline came in and said, “I think something is wrong. Two of the butterflies are stuck together.” And yes, two butterflies were pretty much glued to each other. SO I explained butterfly sex. She was … interested. Mostly, she was relieved nothing was wrong.


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Houseguests Part II — 35 Comments

  1. OK, so not to be a butterfly perv…but, what exactly were they doing last night that made you think the butterfly is preggers?

    • Haha! I love the idea of a butterfly perv. I’ve added a video (someone else’s) above to give the post … depth. (Can you imagine butterfly porn. “Oh baby, just fan those pherormones”).

      Basically, they look really weird and flipped around and stuck together.

      • Oh, so pretty much like people then. We should find some butterfly porn music for the background. Bom bom chicky wa wa type music. Then we can market to insect pervs!

  2. Usually it’s a drag when houseguests give birth while visiting, but it sounds like that is not your experience. How long do you keep them before releasing?

    • We actually released them on Friday after this posted! I think they may be longer lived than the company made it seem, but I didn’t want them to die in captivity, I being from the “wild things should fly free” school of living!

  3. Oh cool! My girls would love to raise butterflies.

    FYI, using an alternate email to save on all the WordPress nonsense 🙂
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    • Smart — the WordPress commenting folks have officially made it harder to comment than it is to comment on blogger. Asses. They ship cheaply and it’s TOTALLY worthwhile.

  4. Okay, Libby’s comment cracked me up, because I wondered the exact same thing. (Only I wouldn’t have asked!)

    We did the butterflies once and the kids really enjoyed it. They are so pretty! (Our cats thought so too, which was worrisome.)
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    • How awesome! That’s exactly the right age. Though when I took them into Sam’s preschool, the director dragged them down to show the 7th graders, too, so I guess you never really get past the wonder.

    • Actually, there’s technically no way for me to tell. Someone with better training probably could. But I can’t imagine butterfly infertility issues and how those might manifest. They SURELY had results…

    • It’s really cool to watch them. Ours weren’t much work at all. Mostly it was a matter of remembering to put in an orange slice every day once they hatched. We should probably have given them greenery, now that I think about it, though!!

  5. Ugh. I got to this too early to read how on earth you know the butterfly is pregnant. Please let us know. My kids and I did the butterfly thing last year, and I was, by far, the most impressed of the group. Such an amazing process. Thanks for sharing. Happy Mother’s Day.
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