Flutterby Butterfly

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2) The following is my entry for Velvet Verbosity’s 100 word challenge, where the word of the week is Fragile.


White on pink on green butterfly

Butterflies get credit for grace thanks to their intricate, crystalline bodies. But whenever I try to photograph them, I  realize how jagged their flight patterns are. They skirt and dodge and return to the same plant in a genetically imprinted dance of predator avoidance.


Yellow on purple on green butterfly

Brown on purple on green butterflyThey protect those fragile wings with unceasing motion, rarely stopping to enjoy more than a sip at any one flower. Watching them is exhausting. But I can’t look away. Because in those flicks and flashes, they hide brilliant colors and extraordinary patterns. If I turn my head, I risk overlooking the most stunning beauty in nature.


Yes, there is a dragonfly here

Yes, there is a dragonfly here









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Flutterby Butterfly — 11 Comments

  1. Gosh, Jessie. Those are some drool-worthy pictures. I cannot imagine how many you shot to get these, but it’s so worth it for me to gaze at them. Thank you.
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    • It wasn’t as hard as I would have expected. I had to do it with at least some help from the minions. (Though Scott manages them a LOT when I’m going camera nuts, because Sam could probably plummet of a cliff and I would be like “sh – this guy’s about to move his wing”). I couldn’t believe the proboscis pictures showed. The curled one and the one actually drinking.

    • They are so compelling. The colors alone transfix me, but then when I get to see them drinking with that tiny straw for a mouth, I’m blown over again.

  2. Even without the pictures there’s sweeping beauty in your words. well done, and super creative.
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    • Thanks Lance! I’m always delighted when my words resonate with another author I admire. You, Tara, Carrie, Andra, and Barbara all absolutely rock, and I’m honored to be writing with you.