That’s The Revolution

“Starman” came on this afternoon. Halfway, through I realized Caroline was singing every word. When did she get in touch with her inner Bowie? Yesterday, it was “Taxman” and both kids. That was less surprising, since I’m raising avowed Beatle maniacs. We belt out Beyoncé, too. I still sing with my Mom. To the Beatles. To Sam and Dave. And I rock with Dad to metal. My parents infected me young, she with the belief that music is timeless, and he with the certainty that the new is always worthwhile. Now, I hope I’m doing the same in my turn.





This is my entry in the 100 word song. FINALLY! I haven’t played in too long.

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That’s The Revolution — 15 Comments

  1. fun – my girls were raised with music always – and they, like their mama, can belt out a tune with the best. We have a song for everything, 🙂
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    • Yes – this morning, Sam was obsessed with Jingle Bells and the only way to remain sane was to sing along, because it wasn’t like he was going to STOP or anything!

    • I didn’t do it on purpose. Well, I didn’t teach them any of the music on purpose. It’s more that they hear the same songs I play. They don’t get all obsessed with all of them, though. Sam will not let me play Bob Dylan. “His voice is icky”. (I like Bob Dylan, scratchy voice and all.) And Caroline finds my love of classical completely offensive. They came with built-in taste that thankfully mostly aligns with mine for both the old and the new!

    • Musicals are absolutely fun, and Gilbert and Sullivan are even more fun than most!