More shots from the train

In light of the fact that I spent most of the day keeping a hacking-sneezing Sam quiet in preparation for his birthday party, then had an intense two hours of PARTAY, I’ve gotten no writing done today. Luckily, I’ve got some train photos that didn’t fit with the memories captured theme, and this is the perfect moment to show them. Enjoy!

Young Blue Eyes

Don't you love how the blue train in the background makes Sam's blue eyes just pop?

Caroline along the rails

Here's Caroline in the observation car, looking out over the railing. She thought I was photographing the train and therefore didn't pose. I love the faraway look in her eyes. She stood like this for at least ten minutes while Sam chatted up the conductor behind us.


Fuzzy Family

I'm sorry this one is blurred, because it's a fantastic family photo. A true rarity.


View from the observation car

When I went down to the observation car to take pictures, Caroline had good reason to think I was photographing the train.. Seriously. I could take and look at pictures like this every day and never get tired of them.


Fish Trap

This is a Cherokee fish trap. The stones are piled up in the middle of the river in the shape of a V with its wide end pointing upstream and its closure pointing downstream. These were hand stacked over 500 years ago, and yet the trap still stands. The women would go upstream and then start slapping the water to scare the fish downstream, where they would be forced into the fish trap, and the men could catch them in baskets.

All the way down the tracks

No, we didn't ride in the engine. Wouldn't that have been cool? It was National Train day, and they had a number of free activities. One of those was this smaller tram style train. It was a John Deere no less. It took groups of maybe 20 people for ten minute excursions down the tracks. I sat in the very back of the car going out, which meant that I was in the very front coming back. The picture is so cool.



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    • The fish trap is mind boggling. And I’m like you – I love the unposed ones best. And getting her to act natural once she knows I’m carrying the camera is HARD.

  1. 🙂 Trains rule. They just hold me captive. I think it's the sight of this modern mechanical giant rumbling through cities and countryside alike, unchanged even as the scenery is ever changing.