“I’ve never seen such a spectacle!”

Darcy stumped past her mother into the kitchen.

“You’re a teacher! You’re a role model now!.”

Darcy found a bowl, poured cereal and milk, then sat down opposite her father and took the top section of The City Star off the table between them. “Doesn’t seem like your business,” she finally said.

“What would your principal say if he found out?”

Darcy folded her newspaper back to the comics section.  “OK, then. Let’s think about this another way, Mom. If you don’t want to see your daughter stripping, then don’t go in the club.”

 This week, Velvet Verbosity wants to see a spectacle. E.B. White would be proud. Of Velvet V. Not Darcy.

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Spectacle — 22 Comments

    • haha! If you're going to look in on me, mudda, don't be surprised what you find!!

    • The real humor here is that this one is based on a true story. The social worker from HELL in Brown County (she was my niece's social worker for awhile and caused our family much grief) was eventually fired for this behavior. I've given her a much more sympathetic twist here.

    • Particularly when that someone has raised you to be an absolute prude, has kept her OWN wild side well hidden, and absolutely did NOT want to know how you looked swinging your garter over your head.

  1. Ok, I didnt see that coming at all.

    I like the frankness of the dialogue. great stuff.

    • I can just imagine Mom and Darcy in matching mud masks and heavy bathrobes as this conversation takes place, too.

    • The funny part is that the social worker upon whom this is based lost her job because someone who knew someone who knew her boss took pictures and submitted them.

  2. I wish you could see my smile right now. This is a smile your short story has earned. Be proud of this moment, but not proud enough to join the marines…

  3. If you know what I mean! Oh hey, just wanted to tell you that "Divorce – a Love Story" is now on my desktop waiting to be transferred to my kindle, and then waiting to be read!!!! How exciting! I can't wait to read your hot book…