In the wild, or even in the country, dogs can dig deep into the earth, plant their bones in rich dirt and red clay.

In the city, we have to make due with what’s on hand.

But we’re resourceful.

Rest assured, wherever we grow, the bones get buried, carefully hidden and covered.


I love this dog. He drives me nuts. He’s clingy, he thinks he’s MY dog, and he licks his paws and tick-tacks down the hall too loudly. But seriously. Every day, he buries a new bone in Caroline’s Dora couch. And always with the same sense of relief and satisfaction.  He’s also tried to use my husband’s students’ exam papers and the space beside an old filing cabinet. But neither of them brought him the same blatant joy.

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Chewie — 17 Comments

  1. The photos are wonderful! Is he part lab? I once had a black lab who dug a hole in the backyard lawn one morning while I was gone for a couple hours. When I returned, I was greeted with a mound of dirt 4 feet high, and more flying out in big, brown sprays. Jennifer was digging that hole, which by then was nearly 5 feet deep. All that in 2 hours. Aye!

    • Yeah, he's mostly lab. We're not sure of all the breeds, but 'lab' and 'pitbull' and 'brindle something' were mentioned. The 'something' was doubtless more specific, but I've forgotten.

  2. I'm in love with Chewie. I was shocked because in the first pic it looks like Chewie is trying to take a dump on Dora! Sorry. I see poop happening…

    • Totally – he assumes the same pose for digging as he does for shitting. The first time he went to 'bury' in Dora, we got all up in arms until we realized what he was really doing. And he doesn't rip or tear a thing. It's so funny to watch.

    • I will say this. He barks when people show up. Not too long or obnoxiously, but he barks them, and for some crooks, that alone would be a deterrent. (Little do they know that at the whiff of rawhide, they would belong to the dog and the dog alone).

  3. He's a cutie! This reminds me of the weird 'kneading' behavior cats have. Animal instinct is a wonderful, weird thing. 🙂

    • Oh YES! I grew up with cats. We called it 'making biscuits' because it was like they were turning our skin into dough.

    • Thanks, Gina! He’s a great guy so far. Tolerant of Sam (and oh GOD that requires tolerance – one of the reasons we were slow to adopt him was that we needed to take Sam to meet him several times to make sure he could endure everything our kid dishes out, even with serious supervision – and he totally can), loving to Caroline, and completely endearing with his fliptop ears.