The easy way to choose Natural Childbirth

Denial: Surely that wasn't a contraction


Acceptance: OK, maybe it was a contraction


Confirmation BirthdayBoy

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The easy way to choose Natural Childbirth — 25 Comments

  1. Here's a belated Happy Birthday to Sam! 🙂 My baby, way older than five, was also born in May. And naturally, too. Ouch!

    • Yeah. Epidurals are SO underrated. I had one with Caroline, and I would have willingly killed any of those kind people in labor and delivery to have one with Sam!!

  2. Yeah, I opted for natural child birth in the same way. Only 2 hours of what turned out to be labor and Baby Girl was born. She turns 23 in August. Happy birthday to your lovely young lady.
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    • I spent the two days before having really irregular contractions that never got strong, so I really thought it was a big fat nothing right up until transition hit.

    • He had a good one. Yay! He loves his long hair, but today informed me he is ‘ready for hair like Davonte”. I said, “what do you mean?” He said, “Davonte got all his hair cut off. I want to look like that. I suggested a burr as an intermediate step, and he thought that sounded great.

  3. Gorgeous kids! Great pic of you post delivery. Mine never looked like that. Sometimes those aren't false contractions, are they? Especially the second time around. You think you have all the time in the world, then POOF. They're here!!!
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    • My mother in law took that — I was shocked by how it came out. With Caroline, I looked nothing but disheveled. I think she (as the Mom of 4) knew how hard those shots are to get and specifically looked for a really photogenic moment.

    • Yes! And because of the epidural with Caroline, I had NO idea what real contractions felt like. I'd been induced with Caroline, due to high blood pressure, and I was having transition level pains at only 5 centimeters, thus, the epidural. But that meant that even when transition DID hit, the only thing I decided was, "huh. I must really be in labor".

    • She has the cherubic thing down pat. Always has. Half the reason I had trouble convincing people she was autistic is that she’s freaking ADORABLE and snuggly.

  4. Brandon was natural. By the time I reached the hospital the doctor said it was too late for pain Meds. Long story that ends with the doctor being wrong and me being traumatized and terrified into NEVER doing it again. In my humble opinion, I still don't know why they call it "natural" Cuz in my humble opinion there ain't nothin natural about natural childbirth lol.
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    • Yeah. My doc was right – they wouldn’t have even gotten the juices flowing before that baby popped out. But OW. Traumatic indeed.

  5. Oh, and I couldn't read the whole post from my iPod for some reason. I'll come back later and read the rest of it. Thanks for being a great friend whenever I need one Jessie.
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    • I think the real answer is to pay more attention to your body than the books, and don't worry about being wrong and getting there too soon only to be sent home. The hospital would rather send you home a dozen times than deliver your baby on five minutes notice!!