One Lovely Blog Award

Happy day for me, I just won a blog award! Marie over at My Cyber House Rules passed to me the One Lovely Blog Award. I have won three blog awards now (one of those twice!) I need to compose my ‘awards’ section. I just feel so vain doing that!!

In the meantime, this award comes with fun rules.
First you must thank the giver: That one is easy. Thank you Marie. I owe you more than thanks for this, too, as you have sincerely saved me from the blogging dilemma of the century. But I’ll unveil that surprise on its own day. The award just made my day so awesome.


Second I need to share seven possibly unknown things about myself: This one is slightly harder, because I was born to embody the term overshare and there isn’t much unknown about me. Here goes.


  1. I refused to wear a veil at my wedding because of the sexist implications. (Not unexpected, but not necessarily known.)
  2. In a similar vein, I hated the imagery of being given away for my wedding, so I instead walked with my grandfather down the aisle. And it was the only time during the wedding that I nearly cried, because it was genuinely touching.
  3. I do not accept the conventional wisdom that rejects swear words. I think that rejection is simply a rejection of the emotions behind the swears. And I say ‘fuck that’. (You’d probably figured that out about me)
  4. My son’s name is NOT Sam. He’s actually Scott Jr. But we call him for his initials so that he has his own unique identity and he can choose, as an adult, whether to be a Scott or a Sam.
  5. I can outrun a bolting fifty pound dog. I didn’t know that one until Sam accidentally let Chewie out the front door tonight.
  6. My favorite artist is René Magritte.  My favorite picture is Time Transfixed, where the locomotive bursts out of the empty fireplace.
  7. My eyes were blue until I was five, when they suddenly went hazel.


Third I need to share this. I’m supposed to share with 15 other lucky bloggers. I’m going to agree with Marie that “Fifteen is a lot, and I believe the huge amount simply reduces the value of those who get an award”.  So I’ll reserve most of my tags for another day, and I’ll try to tag folks I’ve never tagged before. For today, let me introduce you to


I Spy With My Idiosyncratic Eye: Because she has an ongoing series right now about these baby birds that literally fell into her flat through the plaster. The pictures are delightful, the stories are hilarious, and seriously, for almost a full week, she and her husband found a bird a day!!


649.133 Girls, the Care and Maintenance of: Janel is an academic librarian who assigned her blog a dewey decimal name. I’m also a librarian in one incarnation, and I delight in this craziness. This is one of the first blogs I ever followed, and I L-O-V-E it. Plus, she was just syndicated on BlogHer. SWEET.


The Lightning and The Lightning Bug: This was the first writing meme I ever participated in, and I still love the site.



About jesterqueen:
Jessie Powell is the Jester Queen. She likes to tell you about her dog, her kids, her fiction, and her blog, but not necessarily in that order.


One Lovely Blog Award — 14 Comments

  1. I didn't like the veil thing because I felt it was an encouragement to trip over. Well done on the speed running, I'm impressed! And even more surprised that you've nominated little ole me! Thank you so much. Looking forward to hearing about your surprise another day too. 🙂
    My recent post Progress Report

    • Your blog is SO fun! And I nominated the birds rather than the teeth because I didn't want to prolong the ache, but actually, your dentist post was so well written that it had me squirming in my chair.

  2. Ha. I didn't wear a veil at my second wedding, either. Maybe THAT'S why we're still together.

    Congratulations on a much deserved award, Jessie.
    My recent post How to Kill Facebook

    • Oh it goes back to hiding the woman’s face from everybody or everybody but her groom, or everybody especially her groom (depending upon the tradition). A lot of brides have modernized it, and half of everybody tried to convince me it was just a fashion accessory.

  3. To marry Leo I wore bitchin' black boots. Knee high. Black tights. A mini skirt. He wore a tuxedo t-shirt. We took the saying of our vows extremely seriously. Especially that we wed AFTER the Hawaii honeymoon where we bought our wedding rings. By the time the wedding night was over my ring was destroyed. I played too roughly with all my friends kids…

    I can't wait to see the surprise! And looking forward to discovering those who got the lovely award…

    • Hot DAMN I bet you looked awesome. Going to Hawaii first would have been so awesome. Too bad about the ring, though!

  4. 3.I do not accept the conventional wisdom that rejects swear words. I think that rejection is simply a rejection of the emotions behind the swears. And I say ‘fuck that’. (You’d probably figured that out about me)

    You are my kind of girl. <3

    • I've never been a successful shrinking violet. Incapable of holding back.

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    • I think I completely forgot to actually tell people. You are more than welcome. Yours was one of the blogs that inspired me most when I was first getting started!