When The Morning Comes

Here we go with the 100 word song! This week, it’s OK Go’s “This Too Shall Pass”.


Since Tuesday, I’ve watched this video twelve times with Sam. He finds something new every time. I’m trying to teach him to step back, when his heart explodes, to breathe and say ‘this too shall pass’. I know I’m doomed to failure. My Mom pressed “Let it Be” on me in the same way, but I can’t let anything be. Nothing at all. So I know that Sam has to find his own song to speak peace to his heart. And yet he sings it, and when he sings, I hope it will pass, so he can enjoy his childhood.

Sorry – the video sucks. I forgot that it turns sideways, I’m using random downloaded software that turned out not to be free unless I allowed the weird watermark, and you can BARELY hear him, AND he refused to sing the whole phrase when I was filming.


And you’d better play. Or else Lance’s blog will TOTALLY beat up your blog. (Lance, the humor in this does NOT get old for me.)

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When The Morning Comes — 12 Comments

  1. That, I think, is one of the hardest lessons to learn for anyone. It certainly took me a lot of years.

    I personally like the video version with the band in ghillie suits. Seeing the trombonist pop up out of the grass with ghillie stuff on the slide of his trombone never fails to crack me up.
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    • I had only ever seen the marching band version (and I love loved it). My favorite part of that version was when the horn section popped up in shrubbery disguises.

    • It's one of the few mantras that works for me at any level. When I'm happy, it works, when I'm angry…not so much. But sometimes.

  2. It's tough, I know. It will get better. But then it'll get worse. Over and over again. But know this: each time it gets better, it stays a little bit better until the bad days get fewer and farther between.

    Love him, cherish him and support him. It is all you can do.
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    • Ohhh yeah. That' describes bipolar and its effects so perfectly. And possibly also autism meltdowns.

  3. A wise lesson to pass on. One we can all pick up and carry anytime. He may not appreciate it now, but in time he will. And he is just cute as a bug!

    • I hope he does. Right now, I try to keep him adorable so people are more likely to forgive him.

  4. My ex hadn't learned to take that step back when we were together. He barely understood what it meant, didn't at all 'in the moment'. It has to help somehow to have a loving parent explain and reinforce this concept in childhood.

    I was wishing there was more of the video. Seven seconds is awful short, but your Sam is a cutie.

    • It's something I still struggle with. I understand the concept, and I even understand WHY I am often incapable of it. (It's one of the broken bits of bipolar, thought meds make it better). It's one of those things where I hope Sam will see that I TRY to do what I'm saying not something where I wind up telling him to do what I say, not what I do.

  5. I read this earlier this week from my google reader, but I wanted to let you know that it sparked my response to the song, too.

    • I love to watch Rube Goldberg inventions, and both kids are totally captivated by this, Sam more so than Caroline. That’s unusual, because typically, she’s the one who can’t leave the TV/computer alone where music is concerned).