Thank GOD for car insurance

but you stopped reading after you saw $5 and determined there were 3 place settings at the table after 5, didn’t you? I sure did the first time the adjuster said it. And he said that once the body shop gets into my car, the number is almost sure to go up.  Be still my heart.

Although the other driver was at fault, it’s unclear (still) whether the DRIVER’S COMPANY’S insurance (remember, he works for a body shop) covers this, or whether the CAR OWNER’S insurance covers it. It’s probably the DRIVER’S COMPANY’S. But while we wait to figure that out, I’m going through my insurance, because I want my damned car back before its value drops so low that an estimate that high means “we total the vehicle”.

This, my dear people, is why we have mandatory car insurance.

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Thank GOD for car insurance — 20 Comments

    • I know – the car that costs more to repair than to buy. Not really, but it feels that way.

    • We have a rental, because we are very much a 2 car family with 2 kids with activities and Scott having a job that runs until 10PM at night. (He prefers it this way; he's a night owl, and it allows him to be at school fewer days, but it's still long days). The insurance covers that, too. But oyvey I want my car back.

  1. My dad just traded in his 2010 camaro for a 2012 camaro convertible. He made me drive it because he was showing off…I was jealous…but I almost wrecked it…hahahaha. Thank God I didn't. I'm a good driver, but only in my own car.
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    • Well, it’s their insurance who will be paying it. All involved insurance companies agree it would be a conflict of interest for that body shop to try to fix it. (Which relieved me some.)

    • Yeah, they're saying it will be the 28th before I can have my car back. Sigh. But the shop people are nice. They let me visit her. Well, Scott. And he was technically getting back the forgotten garage door opener, not stroking her roof and whispering, "It'll be OK, honey".

    • Sigh. It's literally brand new. It's a 2012. This is a third of its value, and I'm terrified that it will never drive right again.

  2. I feel your pain… I once crashed into a car as I was driving to an auto body shop to pay for my previous accident. I'm the one percent. The one percent who has had multiple car crashes.

    • Well, Scott's in that 1%, too. He's had a wreck in Boston, and a wreck in New York City, both on debate team trips in college. The one in New York sounds terrifying, as a semi driver fell asleep and crashed into their sedan.

  3. Ouch! The smallest dents command such mind-blowing expenses to fix. Years ago I tried that when I rolled into the back of someone at a stop light. Rather than bother the insurance company, I decided to pay for the damages. Now, mind you, this wasn't a direct hit, but a take-your-your-foot-off-the-gas once you are already stopped at a stop sign roll into. Makes a horrific noise, incidentally. Naively, I figured $200-200, not the $2900 it actually cost, because I could hardly see the damage. Cleaned out whatever savings I'd managed to that point. We buy insurance for a reason…sigh

  4. The crash was bad, but I hope the insurance is good. Hope you get your car back sooner rather than later.

    • Amen and thank you!! Any accident you can walk away from is a good accident. I keep repeating that.

  5. You're right; we'd be so screwed without car insurance! Hope yours takes care of the whole bill! I just stopped by from SITS to say hello; hope you find time to return the visit!