Chewie Goes Berserk

We give Chewie rawhide treats. He takes them outside and buries them. And then, every night, he digs one up to bring in so he can snuggle it. Yes really, he wants to snuggle his stinky, muddy bone like my kids snuggle stuffed animals. I try to convince him to leave it outdoors, but if I take it away, he picks it up. If I throw it, he goes after it, and if I hide it, he cries inconsolably. No, really, I actually can’t seem to hide it very well because, hello, everyplace I pick is outdoors. So really, he just goes and gets it again.

At that point, I usually go inside, turn off the lights, and wait for him to realize that he is choosing between spending the night outside (not that I’d ever do that to the neighborhood), and bringing in his bone. And then this happens.

He can’t even bark with that thing in his mouth, but he won’t put it down. Except that after half an hour (ten minutes) or so, he finally does, then comes in to bed, and then does the same thing again the next night.
Sorry this didn’t publish yesterday. I had a bit to learn about Windows Live Video Fixer or whatever the hell it’s called.

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Chewie Goes Berserk — 7 Comments

    • I’m going to try to get a video in the light when you can really see the HEIGHT he can achieve. OMG. It’s like “HOLY FLYING SMALL DOGS!”