An invigorating afternoon

Today was Caroline’s first volunteer day at the pound . We walked Mandy, who jumped on everything. With her, we practiced, “Off!” A wire terrier named Sammy hated being taken out. We couldn’t walk him. But we sat and held him, teaching him the big world might not be so bad. Then we walked Angelique who was anything but angelic. She practiced “No,” and “C’mere.” And also, she trained us on leash escape tactics. Finally, we went into the cat room, where we found out Booker hates to have his neck scratched. All in all, it was an invigorating afternoon.













































This is my entry for Velvet Verbosity’s 100 word challenge this week. The word is invigorating! And holy HELL those pictures make my hands look larger than life!! Seriously. Those hands are twice as big as my real ones!!

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An invigorating afternoon — 17 Comments

    • It’s a great introduction to volunteering. There’s a wide variety of stuff you need to do, and some of the tasks are more pleasant than others, which gives them a good idea about balance.

    • That’s so very true. I grew up in a house with anywhere from 7 to 13 cats and 2 or 3 dogs at any given time. We had hamsters, turtles, fish, and even an iguana at one point. Animals are quite communicative.

    • I think it’s more once we get the hang of what we’re doing. Part of the point of having the volunteers walk the dogs is that these are often strays with no human contact. They have to learn how to react to a leash, and it’s not easy. The cats are kind of in the same boat. I’m sure poor Booker is used to living outside, not cooped up in an apartment. (The animals do have a lot of space, which is good, but seriously, if you used to own the outdoors…)

  1. Oh, man! Understand this so well. Kitty’s motto is, “I can always touch you, but you better be careful about touching me.” Figuring out when it’s okay is like taking a cat psychology test.

    Loved this, Jessie. I used to think I wanted to add a little dog to the family, but I hear they don’t use a box. 🙂

  2. owowowowowow! I am soooooo not a cat person. (not owned by any animal other than hubbymoose, who only THINKS he owns me – haha) I’m glad you had a good time despite the markings. 🙂

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