We do things a little differently around here

With all the talk about the loss of paper journalism in New Orleans, I thought I’d take a moment to reflect on what my local newspaper meant to me growing up. If not for the Brown County Press, I would never have enjoyed such notices as this one:

This is a real notice Mom sent me last week. I actually screwed up and posted it in learning how to schedule my posts. It is completely independent of last weekend’s Trifextra prompt!  It is emblematic of some of my favorite clippings over the years, though nothing can surmount the joy of reading about a car-deer collision in which the deer fled the scene. There’s a touch of blunt straightforwardness, a touch of small town humor, and a touch of practicality in all notices like these. I’m sure others who live in small towns can produce their own such examples.

In this case, I’m left wondering what ‘other arrangements’ might be made. I rather doubt they were advantageous to the cow.



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We do things a little differently around here — 10 Comments

  1. That’s hilarious. Like you, the demise of the printed newspaper saddens me, too. I once did a play, written by my friend Bill, that was based on a mistake in an ad in our local paper. Just imagine:

    Paula Lichman Furs at Gwynn’s of Mt. Pleasant

    (Woman posed seductlvely in nothing but a fur coat, her legs crossed straight on at the camera.)

    Underneath the photo, the words:

    Featuring sheared beaver

  2. That is absolutely hilarious. Funny thing though, is it would not have been unusual in the small town where I grew up.