No (It’s too damned hot, dog)

Dear Chewie,

The kids beat the heat in lots of ways. They spend a couple of days building Lego vehicles.

Lego City Firetruck

Here’s our progress after day one (roughly two hours) of building

And playing with them.


Which meant dinner was late, since the kitchen table was his playing surface.

He played with it for a good two hours.










Daddy reads them books.

Read with Daddy

Here, Caroline, how about a book or ten?

I take them to the pool.


Seriously. It was 104 in the sun at the pool. But his lips were blue just before I shot the photo. The pool is like a sauna. What gives? Whose circulatory system did this kid get?


But take the dog for three walks in a day?


the poor neglected leash and harness that only comes out twice daily in this kind of weather

Dude, you’re crazy. Not happening.

He took the bone, but he refused to even look at me.

Here, have a rawhide and don’t eat my shoes, OK?

Love, Mom

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No (It’s too damned hot, dog) — 8 Comments

    • He’s the one who thinks we need to go out three times a day, just because that was what we did when it was only 80 out. And when we don’t head out at noon? He sits at the door to my office and goes “bawoooooo” like a husky. It’s a riot. But very annoying.

  1. From the opening line, I had this horrible feeling about what was coming next. Phew, he didn’t EAT the lego! He can go back to howling at your office door now, I breathe easy! 😉

  2. Everyone in your family has such an engaging smile. What a joy it must be to see that and be with that on a daily basis.
    Lucky all of you!

  3. Chewie really wouldn’t like those walks once he was out there in the heat anyway. You’re just looking out for him.

  4. On Hades Hot days like this, I’m glad we have a big, fenced in back yard. The Dog doesn’t like being out in the heat any longer than I do.