Operation Mockingbird

On the fourth, against our better judgment, we took our kids to the ball game, which was followed by fireworks. It was OK. We were right behind the home dugout, and a ball that the players were throwing around before the start of an inning flew over the wall and under our seat. Sam got it. Caroline had found a new friend and had stolen the Dad’s s seat to sit with the family. When she got back and realized she had missed a ball opportunity, she was hysterical. That combined with the total sensory overload (and this was BEFORE the fireworks) produced a total meltdown. The fireworks were loud. I wore earplugs. The kids refused them. Caroline’s meltdown intensified (predictably – she needs the earplugs). But then we got her out of the stadium and she just cried (as opposed to struggling and acting kidnapped) all the way to the car.

Anyway, we got home, and I realized that a Mama bird must have made her nest in our eaves, because I could hear the babies loud and close. They sounded like this guy. (To be clear, this is just some video I found on Youtube. The sound is twelve seconds in.)

I hate listening to mockingbirds.I had one right outside my bedroom window when I was a kid, who was replaced every year by a descendant, and who squakked at me all night long and generally screwed with an already screwed up sleep schedule. So I was not pleased to have an entire nest of them nearby.

But then, the next morning, I went out into the garage, and I realized there was no nest. Just one exceptionally stupid fledgling who had followed our car into the garage the night before. Once again, The Idiosyncratic Eye came to mind. (Unlike her, I was not to be raising any babies.) He had hopped up into a window and gotten trapped in the blind. I had to unload a ton of crap from a messy corner to reach him. But then he hopped out under the car. At that point, he was no longer in distress and just completely annoying. I went for a camera.

While I was gone, he hopped on out of the garage and perched on the edge of a box.

I snapped a couple of pictures before he hopped further away.

And then this happened.


She didn’t even wait for me to leave. Just came right back to her baby. It was probably at the window in the first place because it could see her from there.

Mockingbirds might not be so bad after all.


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Operation Mockingbird — 10 Comments

  1. Baby birds are among the ugliest cute things on earth. Even the mockingbird. 🙂 What a thing for Caroline and Sam to see.

    • He looked even worse when his stupid little wing was trapped. But when I was looking at him them, it was with that “Oh God it’s going to die on my watch” terror!

  2. Parents usually come back for their fledglings, that’s why they say don’t ‘rescue’ baby birds. Very cute lil chap. We don’t have mockingbirds over here so I only know them from the title and the rhyme. Hope the children are feeling a little more calm and settled again. 🙂

    • Yes – mostly, as long as they are safe on the ground, Mom and Dad will take care of everything. Your situation, of course, was quite different. I still am trying to wrap my head around birds falling into the house all over the place!!

  3. Sorry you couldn’t stick around for the entire celebration, but then again you had a totally different and unexpected celebration at home? Nice pictures… We’re surrounded by a Mexican bird called a Booby. Some have blue feet and they’re the coolest thing ever!

  4. Aw. I’m glad Mama came back for him, he doesn’t look big enough to make it on his own.

    And no kidding about baby birds bring ugly. After extensive conversations with hapless people close to me, I have come to the conclusion that the only baby birds that are cute are the ones who have to be ambulatory right out of the eggs (chickens and so on). Google baby ostriches. They are hilarious miniatures on tiny thick legs.

    • We even waited to mow the grass until we were sure she had him tucked into a flowerbed a day or so later. I suspect he’s ready to fly by now, but I haven’t tried to find him again lately.

  5. That is one ugly bird! Felix was all over me trying to see the “cute baby bird.” Uh, what?