Ode to Popcorn

Terms of an engagement: An ode to popcorn

I think I’ll make the popcorn on the stove
and melt a little Cabot on the side.
And if then through our pantry I do rove
I might grate us some dry jack to divide.

Though maybe the air popper is enough
for those who do not like my stinky cheese;
the butter will melt smoothly in the trough
that sits above the greatest blast of heat.

But understand this now my love. I’ll give
up Roquefort, Camembert, and even Brie.
But pop  me no corn in that monster. Dine
alone if you engage that dread machine.

Pray don’t suggest it; I’ll turn a deaf ear.
No, I’ll not use the microwave, my dear.

NB: I know perfectly well that my ‘ode’ is really a sonnet, but it DOES celebrate intellectually and emotionally the joys of popcorn. Who but a purist would care how the popcorn is popped?
For the Scriptic prompt exchange this week, Bewildered Bug gave me this prompt: Write a romantic poem ‘an ode to popcorn’.

I gave Michael this prompt: The shutters slapped against the house with every gust of wind, and I felt the house watching me. This was alone. This was bad.


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Ode to Popcorn — 10 Comments

  1. Popcorn made on the stovetop is so much better than microwave. Funny… I used popcorn in my Scriptic prompt this week too. Great minds.

  2. I live for popcorn… And I love your ode — very funny!

  3. Stovetop. Exclusively for me. Yum. And your choice of cheese? I love. The stinkier the better – it’s a French obligation.

  4. I make popcorn in my Whirly Pop on the stove. When I can eat it again, I am going to try it with some stinky cheese. 🙂

  5. We always pop on the stove (nothing like it) then dress how each likes. Me, I’m melted, “real” butter, s/p and freshly grated parmesan. I get this “ode”…a lot!

  6. Oh I love this! Well done! I know it was a bit of a silly prompt but you took it and ripped it to shreds and remade it and I love what you’ve done with it. Now I want popcorn….and stinky cheese. How much did you eat while writing this?! 😛

  7. 🙂 I’m just picky about the specific kind of microwave popcorn I’ll use. The best I’ve had was tasty and, this is the important part, free.

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