Memories Captured July: Family and Facebook

On my Mom’s side of the family, we have an arsenal of pictures. I have pictures of grandparents, great grandparents, aunts, uncles, hell friends of the family whose names nobody remembers any longer. (I seriously have 4 books of a family who was very close to my great grandmother whose identities are largely forgotten.) On Dad’s side, not so much. He has pictures from his childhood, but not a lot that predates it. Which means it was double awesome when a cousin looked him up on facebook and then found me as well. This cousin, John, sent pictures of my great grandfather, my great grandmother, my grandmother, and my great aunt (not pictured here). (He is my great grandfather’s nephew. Do not correct me if he’s not technically my cousin, K?)

I had never seen my great grandparents on that side. I had never seen a picture of my grandmother as a young woman. Facebook’s got problems. And I hate it for some of it’s changes. But, bottom line, we would never have connected without it. And I would not have this generous gift. Thanks cousin John. It’s wonderful having you in the family.

On the left is Ruby King, my great grandfather.

Top right is Beatrice King, my grandmother.

Middle right is Wanda King (later Powell) my grandmother

Bottom Right is George Powell, my Dad. (That’s one from my collection.)


Linking up here with Galit Breen of These Little Waves and Alison of Mama Wants This. Love the Memories they capture.


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Memories Captured July: Family and Facebook — 17 Comments

  1. That’s amazing to see a picture of me in my 30’s and Wanda in her 20″s posted together. Even though I had both pictures I hadn’t connected how much we resembled each other..

  2. Neat! What a great discovery. And that’s definitely cousin territory with some removeds and such attached.

    I love our old family photographs but there’s only one person “missing” who could reasonably be turned up at this point.

  3. Oh you, how I adore these photos! What an absolute gift to have found/recieved them! Love!

  4. I agree that Facebook may have some issues, but the connections that it has made possible are wonderful. What a treat for you to now have these pictures! (Stopping by from SITS)

    • Thanks for visiting! I couldn’t believe they featured Noise Pollution on the Sharefest. What a surprise and delight. And I think that’s what keeps facebook alive these days. In spite of all its controlling nonsense, it really does facilitate finding people. I have a handful of people who would have been lost to me if we weren’t both on facebook.

  5. True treasures! Just googled dad….Pure Prairie League? Brings me back to great days in my dorm freshman year in college! Incredible (I knew he was a musician and it totally explains your love of music)

  6. The middle one of your grandmother looks so much like you, Jessie. I love finding old photos, too, and trying to imagine who those people really were.

  7. What great photos! My dad has tons of photos on slides. I need to have them converted to digital images for future generations. Hmmm…. project!

    • That is how I remember him. I REMEMBER the day he got his hair cut. He was sporting a slight beard at the time, too. And he got his hair cut, and he shaved his beard, and I just gaped at this MAN who was NOT who I was used to seeing at all. I think I stared at him for three days straight after that.

  8. We have such a responsibility to pass the stories on to the next generation, it makes the ties closer and more meaningful. Broken ties and lost stories, it’s too much of a precious heritage to throw away. 🙂

  9. Ah, old family photos. I have some of my grandmother’s family (all German born and unsmiling) that are priceless. I don’t know any of the folks scowling back at me, as many died before I was born, but the sense of connection and continuity, regardless, is pure and real. Thanks for sharing.