Divorce: A Trifecta Love Story


The road manager was puking in the public bathroom.


She had been backstage, keeping an eye on things, watching out for security hassles. And then she urgently needed air that didn’t taste stale.



Those are (almost word for word) the first 33 words of my novel Divorce: A Love Story. And if you want to read the other 73,000 or so of them,  you can always buy it in the links in my sidebar. (It’s an e-book. It’s $3, and you can read it on your PC. Kindle and Nook both have features that allow you to enjoy e-books without an e-reader.) This shameless pandering has been brought to you by those crazy people over at Trifecta, who asked for the first 33 words of our novels.


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Divorce: A Trifecta Love Story — 25 Comments

  1. I will buy this book (how, where?) The opener has a great hook and relates to stuff that happened to me, I think. Thanks for stopping by my site.

  2. I’ve been there…seeking air that wasn’t stale, both figuratively and literally. Will have to explore the story!

    • I’d love it if you did. I was pregnant when I started writing it. (With my FIRST child, to give you a sense of how long the bloody thing took to finish)

  3. It’s no lie. It is definitely worth reading. It enthralled me so much I read it in 2 days. 🙂

    When’s the next book coming out?

  4. THAT is exactly what makes me anticipate the moment when I’ll finally break into your book. The first few lines are a make it or break it deal on a book for me. And your beginning is a true make it. Now seeing Sam’s comment makes my wonder what the heck I’m waiting for!

  5. I like how raw and gritty some of your stuff is…reminds me of running around in Gary, Indiana as a kid – LOL!

  6. The first line or two of a book are the true hook for a book. If you can grab ’em with a sentence, you got ’em, hook line and sinker. You did it girl! Gonna get it.

  7. Nice! Definitely draws the interest. I was wondering if we had to do all 33 words in one line. Whew! That would be a really long sentence.

  8. I remember that feeling. I’m very intrigued. Off to check out your book!

  9. I have another friend with a book that been out for months. And one who’s book will be avaiable soon. Someday I hope I can afford to purchase yours and theirs. (In print – I don’t have a e-reader.)

  10. Stale air–likely in her imagination with a story to tell! Security hassles also makes a mysterious sort of backstage. Nice opening!