The story of the fox and the very round grapes

Once upon an Aesop, the starving fox jumped up and seized the grapes. They were not sour at all. Then she choked to death. The moral of the story is plain: fuck fables.


This weekend, Trifecta has asked us to write a new fable in just 33 words. Mr. Aesop and I have never been on what you would call close terms. So I’m afraid I took advantage of my fable to thumb my nose at him.

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The story of the fox and the very round grapes — 32 Comments

  1. I suppose this is a case where she would have preferred to tell a “sour grapes” story. Then, she might not have eaten so many and not have choked at all. But, your moral is more on target, and a lot more succinct. Very funny.

    • I always hear Aesop’s fables and think “Bullshit”. With this fable in particular, I always cringe because … holy hell, the fox MOVED ON, she stopped trying to do something that wasn’t working for her. Yes of course she’s pissed about the time she wasted. For her, those grapes are sour as HELL. Would that more people would move on and snarl instead of trying to get at grapes they’ll never reach, right? This was a much more satisfying end.

    • It’s the sour grapes one – fox sees grapes, feels deprived, jumps, cannot reach, surrenders to the inevitable and says, “feh, didn’t want those sour old things anyway”.

      • How have I never heard that. Next you’ll tell me that the expression “sour grapes” came directly from that?!?!

        Boy, do I feel sheltered, or uneducated, or something. And I love trivia too. How, I ask; how did this escape my feeble brain?? I’m speechless. Okay, maybe all these words don’t make me speechless, but YKWIM.
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        • Indeed grasshopper, this is where ‘sour grapes’ originates. I run across stuff I missed like this all the time, though, so don’t feel bad.