Cold Flash

Lacy’s pool was heated, but that didn’t mean it was warm. Jumping in when the temperatures were below freezing typically required a certain amount of gumption. But Lacy didn’t pause. She wasn’t a swimmer, but she dove like it was summer. The weather wouldn’t stop her. She thought she would have jumped into boiling lava rather than listen to them screaming inside any longer.

“Take her with you then, I don’t care.”

“I will! She’ll be safer!”

Lacey kicked back and forth from end to end. The air outside was frigid, but it was still warmer than the air in the kitchen between her parents. She didn’t want to live with either of them. She didn’t ever want to get out of the pool again.

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Cold Flash — 14 Comments

    • My parents shared a lawyer and I negotiated their divorce behind the scenes. I was the opposite of Lacy, right in their faces about all of it from age five. But then, I was probably still just getting revenge for almost being Okrablossom.

    • Sometimes, I think they do know it, but can’t stop a chain of events that’s detonating all around them. Possibly, they are shielding her the only way they know how just by getting out of the toxic relationship. But yeah. Often, they don’t seem to have the first fucking clue.

    • Ditto to you, and thank you for dropping back in! I’m sorry I didn’t stay longer. We’re travelling, and I’m scrabling to keep up right now!

    • Yeah, I was almost an adult before they finally got sensible and split, and the hot fights stopped when I was very young. But yeah. The cold fights were just as bad.

    • Thanks Galit! It’s exciting to see you here. (When an idol comments on one of my blog posts, I want to frame the notification e-mail.) This family sounds like it’s imploding and taking no prisoners. Which means the kids suffer most, as in all such situations.

  1. This one is so sharp, so sad. I remember my own parents fighting. I know the feeling that sent Lacy into the pool. You captured it.