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Last week, the very awesome Tricia at Raising Humans hosted me for a guest post about raising my little humans. I talked about some of our musical moments and, bonus, sang absurd children’s songs to be posted on the internet! And then I forgot. I completely FORGOT ABOUT IT. Friday was the first day of school for us, the post went live Thursday, and I submitted it towards the end of July, so my mind zipped it out of existence. So, please, if you haven’t already followed from one of my tweets or facebook posts, take a look at my post over on Tricia’s site.

And for that matter, check her other stuff out while you’re over there. She’s a tender mother to a three year old daughter, and she’s expecting the birth of her son in a very short time.  She has written a beautiful tribute to her time with her daughter as she awaits her son’s birth. And she does a weekly gratitude series that is actually very down to earth. I’ve really loved getting to know her blog, and I’m so happy to have been featured on her site. Even if I’m four days late with the acknowledgement. (#Blogfail)


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