Guesting over at Wordslinger today

Today I have another guest post to send you out to read. I’m visiting over at The Wordslinger’s homeland. I’ll get a direct link up soon, but I have to hit publish before I go spend my morning running around like a headless chicken. In the meantime, I do hope that Jim and his wife have welcomed their word slinging baby, little Ampersand (Sandy for short) into the world by now. Because I know what it’s like to be 9 months pregnant and just want it OVER.


And! Jim and his wife have welcomed their new baby into the world. His name is now Matthew, not Ampersand. (But dang Sandy was a great nickname for that baby!) I am a firm believer that Jim was genius to host a series of guest writers while the family is adjusting to its newest member. And I can’t tell you all how thrilled I am to be in that number. I really want to tell you one last story about Fudge, and Jim’s blog was the perfect place to talk about how my dying dog killed my carpet.

Here’s a direct link:


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