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So there’s this meme out there… I do a LOT of memes. When I dive into a project, I leap in feet first and swim fast down to the deep end. And ever since last October when the meme bug bit me, I’ve been throwing myself after writing prompts and new communities. Anyway, this summer, I finally caught up with the folks at yeah write. They only allow fifty people into their competitive grid, and sometimes, they offer real prizes. But oh yeah, that grid fills fast. Until this summer, I never got my posts written in time to participate. And then, I think I got in largely because they started moderating submissions and imposed a word limit. I’m still kind of slow on my weekly submissions and don’t always make it that far. They are planning to keep up the moderation thing, but they are raising the word limit from 500 to 1000. And I should note for anybody interested in participating that if your entry gets bounced because it doesn’t meet their criteria, they are totally cool if you revise and resubmit. The woman moderating the queue (Flood G) is as awesome as she is exacting.

Then, something ineffably cool happened.

The meme owner needed to take a break, and she invited members of the community to guest edit and judge. And I got ‘in’! Not just ‘in’, I got to compile the judge’s choices and write the ‘winners’ post. Yee-HAW! SO. Today, I have a guest post up on yeah write, and I’d love it if you went to see. I’d love it even more if you joined up with this fabulous group of writers in a future week!

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  1. I read it last night…your guest post. Well done!

    I’m addicted to Yeah Write too and it’s going to be tough when everyone gets back and submissions are high again. I’ve had one bounced back and without time to revise/resubmit, I threw it onto the Hangout Grid and met some great people there. It’s a fabulous community that makes me strive to write better, be more engaging, tell bolder full stories. Now I just have to get my mojo going earlier in the week before the grid fills. It’s totally motivating!!!

  2. Jessie, your strength with memes is so impressive. I seldom have the nerve to try one, and you always just jump right in. And, they’re always good.
    Hop over and visit Andra Watkins’s recent post We Are YoungMy Profile

  3. I read your guest post. So good, as always.

    I remember Bill Dameron from the 100 Word Challenge at Julia’s blog. Loved his piece. And I read the one by Kristen (I forgot her last name.) I was moved by it — both the subject and the subtle skill with which she wrote it.

    Part of me is very interested in trying to participate over there (I need to do more community-building activities, reach out more), but something is wrong with my brain today because trying to figure out the rules and such gave me a hell of a headache. Sometimes I’m just not good with technical stuff, even when I can see that ultimately it’s simple technical stuff.

    Anyway, congratulations on your guest post!

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