Company policy

Ed ran his hand across a day’s stubble. “What’s Frank Dewitt’s name doing on this list?”

“He’s a fat cat dinosaur,” replied Jeff, the young executive on the other side of the desk. “And that’s the first place we trim.”

“If I listed the things that have kept this company afloat for the last twenty years, every page would start with ‘Frank’.”

“Edward,” said Jeff, “Are you arguing with me?”

Ed moved his hand from his stubble to the back of his neck. “I think you forget my position is being eliminated.”

“What’s your point?” Jeff leaned across towards his employee.

“I’ve got nothing to lose.” Ed let go of his neck and braced both hands on Jeff’s desk. “You could fire me sooner, but you need me to get the incoming HR team up to speed.”

Jeff narrowed his eyes and tilted his head slightly to one side.

Ed leaned back in his chair. “But if you want the truth,  Im the dinosaur here. I’ll be glad to retire and see my grandkids. This merger is timed right for me.  I’m looking forward to watching the company’s new iteration flourish and saying, ‘I used to work there’ like you might say you knew a celebrity before they got famous.”

Jeff’s posture relaxed. “And you’re telling me what?”

“That Frank Dewitt can carry this transition. He’s been throwing his ideas up against a managerial wall for a couple of years now, and he’s excited about working for a group that’s ready for innovation.”

Slowly, Jeff nodded. “OK. He can stay.”

Ed got up and shook Jeff’s hand. He left and whistled down the hall, straight to Frank’s office. “OK,” he said. “I bought you some time. Shake the tree, man. Shake it hard for the rest of us.”

Frank Dewitt looked up from his computer with eyes gleaming like Ed hadn’t seen since they were hired together twenty five years before. Frank said, “You know I will.” And both men smiled.


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Company policy — 16 Comments

  1. Nice story! He basically ousted himself so his friend could stay (even though it’s probably temporary.) I like the camaraderie portrayed in this story. Don’t see this often in real-life work environments 🙂
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  2. I love how easily you managed to convey each character’s distinct traits and their interpersonal relationships in the story. It sounds so real!

  3. Well said. The best decisions are always made by the stakeholders. You grasped a loyalty that is unfortunately a dinosaur as well.

    Thanks for sharing, you painted a great portrait of old vs new.
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  4. Others have said it, but I live how elegantly you illustrated the relationships between the three characters. This is a really great bit of writing.
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  5. It feels good to see the ‘little guys’ get the upper hand. That’s awful rare these days. This feels like a trailer that really makes me want to see the movie.