Dinosaur WHO

The Trifecta prompt this week reminded me of some pictures I took at a museum last month. Because the only station my kids watch is PBS, we see a shit-ton of Dinosaur Train. We see other things, too, but this is the only one I can even remotely tolerate without wanting to throw the brand new TV out to the curb. Anyway. It has this obnoxiously catchy theme song. Here. I’ll link so you can sing along below.

OK, everybody. Ready? Set? Go!!


Train take me home.







Once upon a time, there was a Mom

Her name was 

Sittin’ on her nest, she heard a scratchin’ and said, “Oh Boy my

are hatching.

One by one, her kids popped free. Baby

One, Two, Three. {blah blah….}

Last Little Baby was a different size

And so he ate the whole family.


What? That wasn’t in the original? Whatever. This is the closest you’ll see me come to copyright infringement here at the Jester Queen, and I TOTALLY plead parody.

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Dinosaur WHO — 10 Comments

  1. Oh, Jessie. I can totally hear your voice when I’m reading all of your posts from afar. BUT, today I must have you know that Robbie also makes up his own version of Dinosaur TRAIN,(dinosaur train). It is not at all appropriate for any audience. The best part is when Mrs. Pteranadon turns into a Nazi.
    Dear rest of the world who might read this comment, I’ve known Jessie before & she’s met my husband & realized that he’s just wrong. But you’ve also read all of Jessie’s Fuckity-fuck-fuck posts, so really, quit your judging.

    • I would LOVE to know Robbie’s version, because I’m sure it’s perfect for this audience. And oh dear GOD I am waiting for Buddy to grow up and be a big huge giant T-Rex so he can GOBBLE THE LOT of them.

  2. Unfortunately the rock ‘n roll lilt made me think of some very rude lines. Yes I’m like that. 🙂

    I baby sat my niece daily for two years during the height of the Barney and Teletubbies stuff that made me gag. I don’t know how I survived. I much prefer Mister Rogers (still looove him!) and classic Sesame Street from when my sister was little and still going strong when my daughter was born in the eighties. But I have to say, I’m going through so much at the moment that I might just seek out this dinosaur show. Like when Serpico got shot and said PBS kids shows soothed him, I’m getting to that point.

    • Indeed, this is one of the many things you have spared yourself. See? You can enjoy your godkids and such from afar and LEAVE WHEN THEY TURN ON BAD KIDS SHOWS (but stick around for any good ones).