Take me out to the…what was that line again (Bag Lady Got Nothin’ On Me)

In the absence of a ball game, we took Scott out to the rain delay to celebrate his birthday. Not quite the same. But then, we’ve never been your standard family, so we enjoyed it a lot until everything was cancelled outright. Oh well. We get in free come Saturday. Happy Birthday, hon.


The snacks were good, anyway. Of course, it was ballpark food, so that probably goes without saying. I’m dieting. I ate exactly one bite of a hot dog. #martyrproblems. Oh, and then I went and got the car, all dolled up for our inability to remember umbrellas.






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Take me out to the…what was that line again (Bag Lady Got Nothin’ On Me) — 18 Comments

  1. Hey, I like your rain gear (who says those plastic grocery bags aren’t recycleable?) πŸ™‚

    I like your story and your attitude about the evening as well.
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  2. I would be so tempted to use the field tarp as my own epic Slip and Slide. I’m diggin’ your hat in that last shot.

    Hope Scott’s birthday was epic too.
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  3. I didn’t know you actually could go to a rain delay. Cool, if you can have some fun. But I need to ask, if they cancel a rain delay, shouldn’t that mean that the game is back on? Maybe I’m being too literal! πŸ˜‰ Thanks for commenting on my Birthday and Writing posts, even though they both showed up on the Writing one. I had trouble with this comment earlier. Technology is confounding!
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    • Ahaahahaaa!!!!! That is brilliantly funny. Not the technology but the rain delay. I’m going to tell that to the ball game people and watch their heads go round.

  4. That was so much fun for me! The thing I miss most from the good days of my marriage (there were more than a few, that’s why it took so long to split up) were when we ran into crap without lemons, still made lemonade, and came home smiling. Loved your photos and the smiles.

  5. Happy Birthday to Scott! Shame you had to miss the actual game although it looked like you had one anyway. Good job on the prompt!

  6. The hat makes the outfit, you realize that, I hope. Looks like great fun was had by all, regardless of the rain. Hope the party was as successful as it looks in your wonderful photos. Thanks for sharing.