A Modest Proposal (No Babies Will Be Eaten In This Blog Post)




Hooking up once more with Galit and Alison for their Memories Captured meme! Anybody can play, and the only theme is capturing a memory.

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A Modest Proposal (No Babies Will Be Eaten In This Blog Post) — 26 Comments

    • We actually only live about 3 hours away from North Florida. My true heart is in South Florida, but yes, we’ll go back to North Florida’s beaches frequently.

      • Wow, that is really close in the big USA, I was thinking that you were a whole lot further away but then my geography of that corner of the States is particularly weak. Mind you, in this country, we’re three hours away from London and that’s a whole world away! 😉
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  1. i was in Naples in early August to celebrate my 40th. i’m not a fan of Florida in general (hate hot sticky weather) but Naples was AMAZING!
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    • I know what you mean about the weather. Something about those beaches makes it allllll OK. And yes, Naples is amazing. Glad you got to do something so FABULOUS for your 40th!

    • It’s actually three vacations combined, but I think you’ve totally captured Sam’s attitude. He’s either hamming it up or refusing to look at the camera, the stinker.

  2. Ahh, you make it look like fun. I hope you get that second ceremony someday soon. 🙂 I’m a cool, dry weather girl so I feel this way about San Francisco, but my daughter has me wanting to try out Seattle or at least Portland — similar ambience but a little less expensive. I’m dreamin’.

  3. I love Florida too. Although, we haven’t explored much beyond the panhandle and Orlando. Your pics are great and makes me want to see more. Stopping by from SITS.
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    • Thanks for visiting! I had to rescue you from SPAM. Stupid Spam folder. Eats all my new commenters. (You should be safe now, though). I love the entire state. We live within 3 hours of the panhandle, and I’ll take those beaches gladly. South Florida is my favorite, and if you ever get the chance, choose Naples on the Gulf Coast side. Between it, Bonita Springs, and Ft. Myers, there are tons of places to visit.