“Run babies, run babies, run.” The farmer’s wife studied the cat crouched over its kill, tail twitching.  She disinfected her carving knife with a rag. “Two down, pussy,” she purred. “One to go.”

This weekend, for its 33rd edition, Trifextra is asking for 33 words that use the Rule of 3 in some way.

About jesterqueen:
Jessie Powell is the Jester Queen. She likes to tell you about her dog, her kids, her fiction, and her blog, but not necessarily in that order.


Three — 47 Comments

  1. Another super-cute retelling of a classic story. Seems to be a sub-theme people have jumped on, possibly based on the origins of the rule of three. Great as usual? 🙂
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    • I am sorry, I have no idea Joe or why a link to any post on my site showed up here! It isn’t from anything Trifecta related at least!

      • It’s comment luv! It’s a good thing. It’s a plug in I use to help me return people’s visits. Essentially, when you input your URL into the form, the Commentluv grabs your most recent title and drops it in there. It also gives commenters a little plug by way of thanks for visiting 🙂

  2. Okay. I love the writing, but I have to ask: is this your knife? Did you set it up as a prop? Did you actually cut something bloody with it?
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    • Giggle. yes, the knife prop is mine. I painted it with the kids’ watercolors, which I had to steal from a school-skipper (she’s got a free pass if they are showing movies, which she can never handle) who was busy painting rainbows on seashells. She watched me intently, then said, “so that’s their tail blood, right. Cool.” Yet she couldn’t handle whatever feel good movie the kids earned as a reward this afternoon. go figure.

    • See how they run? See how they run? I have always imagined the farmer’s wife as a frantic woman who was like trying to make dinner or something in an old old kitchen, screeching and accidentally chopping off the tails. But then I thought, “What if she was something else entirely?”

  3. Ok. I admit, I’m deprived. I don’t recognize this story. But, I enjoyed this anyway! Btw, the name you were thinking of is Crystal Cathedral.
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    • YES! Crystal Cathedral. That’s EXACTLY what your story brought to mind. It’s three blind mice, but don’t worry. It’s more fun if you don’t get it, probably. (Said the evil author)

  4. Hey Jess!! Yea, so teenage SON accidentally had a baby(!) and the girl GAVE him to us to raise! To tell you the truth, I am oddly thrilled by the whole thing. He is the coolest baby ever 🙂

    OK, so I liked your story and the bloody knife is gross/awesome…grawesome!

    • Oh WOW. Yes, actually, you’ve got the maturity to raise the baby. Congratulations and love the hell out of that kid. Your son will grow up with his son right there, and you parents will get another chance at parenthood. It’s probably pretty awesome. Not that I’m hoping to be in a similar position, but Scott and I watched Sam working the room at ballet today and Scott said, “We are going to be VERY lucky if we aren’t grandparents by the time we’re in our early fifties.”

  5. Oh, god, creepy. And amazing. Talk about resetting the whole tone of the song (which is, honestly, creepy enough to begin with). I can hear it playing in the background, on a little toy piano.
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  6. Knives creep me out but I’ve had mice in a house before. The run in pairs so if there’s one, then their pal is near by. Therefore, I think the farmer’s wife needs to keep that knife sharpened!
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