Happy Anniversary Redux

I don’t repost a lot here on Jester Queen. In fact, this will be a first time ever. In honor of my eleventh anniversary tomorrow, here is what I wrote about the tenth anniversary last year.


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Happy Anniversary Redux — 10 Comments

    • I don’t fucking know but it pissed me off. Still does when I think about it. I mean, I told him point blank, and I guess he just thought that he could blow me off. Wrong.

  1. I don’t even remember most of my wedding and reception… and no, there was no alcohol served. You both look so happy in your photos.
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    • I have a hopeless memory. Ask me to remember your name before our 9th or 10th meeting, and you’re doomed. But if you want me to recite who did what and when at an event at least ten years in the past, I’m your girl.

  2. This is such a lovely, heartwarming story – and from the teeny bit I know about you, it seems as if it was the most fitting wedding for the queen! And so glad your grandmother was there!
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  3. I’m glad you reposted this and I got to read it. I love it all, especially the part about your grandmother and your lovely photos.

    And it’s great how you stood up to that weird DJ! Music is such a personal thing. I hate it when so-called professionals don’t get that. I was cheering here at the computer!
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