Dear Scott,

Thirteen years ago, I knew by the end of our first date that I would marry you. That certainty rendered me speechless. At the beginning of the evening,

I did not believe in true love

I did not believe in love at first sight

I did not believe in having children

and I did not believe in trusting people you barely knew.

And four hours later, I not only believed all of those things, I embraced them.

I had my standards set so high that I had never actually dated. At all. Because dating was a great way to get hurt. And you surpassed every single one of those standards in the space of dinner and a movie. You didn’t flinch when I swore. You didn’t choke me when I couldn’t shut up at the movie. You didn’t complain that I brought a friend along because I was so intimidated that I didn’t know how the fuck to have a date. You pretended it wasn’t contrived when she suddenly had to leave midway through. You laughed at Monty Python jokes with me. You opened my door, but you also let me open yours. You didn’t complain about going dutch. And then you stole the damned check and paid for dinner behind my back. (And you’re a champion of vexing people like that, you know.)

And when you dropped me off at my apartment and stood inside the door and held me, I felt the most profound peace. I could have stood there all night with you.

I could stand there forever with you still.

Eleven years ago today, I married the man of dreams I never knew I had.

I love you.

Love, Jessie

About jesterqueen:
Jessie Powell is the Jester Queen. She likes to tell you about her dog, her kids, her fiction, and her blog, but not necessarily in that order.


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    • Thanks Lauren. Here’s how awesome he is. I went to a conference for most of the day and abandoned him with the kids. But! Dinner out tonight.

  1. Happy anniversary!! This so beautiful. It really touched me & gave me something to look forward to… (Maybe, lol)

    • It’s amazing how the one right person can change everything. I’m a dyed in the wool cynic. But I believe in true love. And I absolutely agree that you have found it, too.

  2. *tears* what an awesome first date! I don’t know how to date either, so I can relate to ringing a friend along! I love that he just rolled with the third party who showed up and then left and that he stole the bill from you! How great that you married *that* guy!
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    • I was such a nervous wreck. I had no idea how it would go, what I would do, and whether I would be in danger when he realized I talk at the movie screen compulsively.

    • Thanks Barbara. We’re continuing the celebration right up until our mothers’ birthdays. They share a birthday, along with Scott’s oldest sister, on October 23.

  3. Happy Anniversary! That is ONE POWERFUL meeting! In order to have that much of change in perspective on such major, life changing events…the stars have to literally line up just for you! Look forward to following your blog, visiting from SITS. Happy SITS!
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    • Thanks April! My husband is such an amazing man. I was stunned by everything about him. He absolutely made me believe in things I’d never believed before.

    • Thank you! I wish you and your husband the same things a thousand times over. You don’t write about him much, but I can tell you love him by the way you do.

  4. Happy Anniversary and Happy SITS Day! Yahoo!
    My favorite part of this post, “Eleven years ago today, I married the man of dreams I never knew I had”. I love how one person can change your perspective…and the course of your life in one fell swoop.
    It seems to me, even though you had never dreamed of meeting someone and falling in love at first sight there had to be a small part of you, way in the back of your brain that was open to the idea. So when Scott came along he hit that button and whammo LOVE. It’s a sweet story thanks for sharing.
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