Count of Three

On the count of three go vote for Lance Burson and Cameron Garriepy in the America’s Next Author Contest. They are two spectacular writers coming into their true careers, and their stories will amaze you. One… Two… Three…


This week, Trifecta wants us to add 33 words to “on the count of three”. I want you to follow those links above and vote for two of the most amazing authors I know. I may throw my hand into this contest (I’m feeling intimidated and like I don’t have anything, and I hate competing, so I may let the anxiety win this round, we’ll see) but these two already have, and they so ROCK.

Lance Burson

Italian Radio is pulled straight from the headlines and sizzles with tension

Left of Paradise is a romance with a Western flair. The heat between Will and Sam will leave you burning.
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    • Thanks! I really REALLY want them both to win. I can’t have that. So I’ll just be grateful that there is no law against rooting for them together.

  1. You’re a great friend, Jessie. I took time out and read the stories. Kudos to them both for entering. These kinds of contests scare me. I wish them both the best of luck.
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      • I hate the stress of competing, too, especially when it’s impossible to know what so many different judges want.

        I’m still reeling after spending a $17 entry fee to find that the winner was an in-your-face, at times gripping, story of poverty and living on the edge, but with typos and lapses in the narrative that needed more poetry or some tightening (at least for me to get through it without aggravation.) I can’t help wondering if I’m blind, or if the judges were dazzled by the subject much more than the writing. These questions sure don’t help me with my own writing. No more entry fees for me.

        I think that’s why I keep asking for feedback. It’s impossible to please everyone, but I need a consensus on how prone I am to all kinds of writing lapses. I just want to do the best I can and try to sell things on my own.
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