Memories Captured October: The Fair

Memories captured with Galit Breen from These Little Waves, Alison from Writing, Wishing, and Tracey from Sellabit Mum

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Memories Captured October: The Fair — 24 Comments

    • YES! I absolutely love her “HOLY SHIT” face. The thing is, the moment she makes that face is INVARIABLY the one right before a huge breakthrough. She did the 20 foot rock wall when we were in Huntsville the other weekend, she TOTALLY pwned her Daddy and I, and right before she executed the world’s most perfect descent, she was sobbing, “I can’t I can’t, I can’t!!”. I was up at the top with her. And I saw the panicked horror, and then suddenly, she did. I was shocked when the camera captured the same progression going down the slide.

    • This is her first year to do a roller coaster. I can do those all day. (Not those spin-you-till-you-pukes) But she’s always loved the big slides, which means her terror at the moment of plunging cracks me up completely.

  1. I love the sequencing of the photos. That makes this. Of course, her expressive, lovely face (and eyes!) didn’t hurt either.
    Thanks for sharing. Nice work!

    • Her face is like putty. Her Daddy is the same way. Neither one of them seems to realize how transparently their emotions are painted for anyone to see.