Sonic goes to pieces

“If Sonic keeps hitting, he’ll have to sit with me.”

“No!” The hedgehog took another swipe at Caroline.

“Sonic, we need to talk about control.” I plucked the toy out of Sam’s arms and hugged it close. Sam roared and leapt, trying to steal it back.

Scott offered, “At least he’s quit hitting.”

“This weekend was incredible. He had to come down sometime.” Sam held up one hand but didn’t jump again.

“Did he have to crash?”

“That’s the real question, isn’t it?” I returned Sonic and waited to see if Sam would continue using his toy as a weapon.


I have missed Leeroy, Lance’s robot assistant over at the 100 Word Song. And this is the perfect teaser for what’s coming tomorrow when I tell you about our summer vacation weekend. This week’s song is Faith No More’s Falling to Pieces, and oh it fits my sweet Sam these last couple of days.

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Sonic goes to pieces — 19 Comments

  1. I can relate. All of my son’s stuffed animals that are big enough to tackle, are. They get mauled, tackled, body slammed…they are very much loved, LOL.
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