The Ballad of Adrian and Lou

“You’re a goddamned attention whore.”

Lou flinched to one side as a paperweight thocked into the wall by her head. “You’re drunk, Adrian.”  She bent down to unbuckle her shoes in the bedroom’s semi-dark. She forced her hands not to shake. When had it gotten so bad?

“What the hell were you thinking?” She heard another whack in the place where her head had been. Something bounced onto the carpet.

“I was dancing.”  Lou pulled off the shoe. She reached for the other buckle. There was no quick escape from this pair; the vinyl was warped and stubborn. There was no quick escape from this room; Adrian stood between her and the door.

“Hey, Mattel’s on the phone, Barbie wants her fucking miniskirt back.”  He still didn’t seem to realize Lou had bent over, because the cell phone, like the objects before it, thumped into the wall and fell without coming near her scalp.

The other shoe came off, and Lou picked both heels up in one hand and his phone in the other. She needed the bull to charge.  “I could have been dancing with you. If you check your messages, you’ll see I called.” She lobbed the phone back.

“How the hell do you think I knew where to find you. I came straight from work. You were taking in that room like a hustler. A goddamned hustler.” This time, Lou couldn’t tell what he hurled at her, only that it swished within centimeters of her ear.

She reckoned she had two shots. She hoped she would only need one. She hefted one high heel and whispered a prayer to the God of women’s softball before she let it fly. Bang. It connected with Adrian’s forehead at the same time as something else struck the wall behind her.

Adrian launched across the room, and Lou dodged clear. “I want a divorce,” she yelled. She bolted into the hall, then down the stairs and out into the street, free at last.


We’re all a bunch of venal whores at Trifecta this week. Or we’re writing about them anyway…

Oh. And there’s a part 2 featuring the same bedroom and paperweight, but new characters. Coming later tonight to a blog near you…


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  1. I like the volleying of both words and objects 🙂 Adrian is such a jerk! 😛