A favor continued

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“Please.” The woman continued looking away from Joan, who turned the bezoar with her tail.

“Unripe persimmons?”

“Yes.”  For the first time, the two regarded each other across the table, serpent and woman.

Joan said, “It’s the most common cause.” Her sibilant s’s seemed to soothe her patient. “But it can’t tell me anything.”

“Please!” The woman hefted her purse onto the table.

“No. Even without it, I think we can undo some of his damage.” She nodded to the woman’s ripe belly. “But we’re going to have to hurry. Are you up  for a little adventure?”



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  1. AAAH! I love it! And now I’m dying to know what the adventure is. Care to continue? If you’re game, I’ll post the next 100 words by the end of the weekend.
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