Trifecta: Nonfiction

Dear Scott,

I told you I can’t unlive the knife twisting ghost holidays. But every year with you is a year further away. And I trust your peaceful days and your level soul.


Truthfully, the winter holidays will never be any of my favorite things. But Scott and his family make them manageable for me, so that I can avoid clouding my children’s impressions of the season. And if the stories that come out of those gatherings would be boring to anyone who wasn’t there, then they must have been good days indeed.

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Trifecta: Nonfiction — 19 Comments

  1. we’re so much alike, especially in this part of our lives. our spouses are these oceans of peace in our stormy inner journeys.

    I identified with every word, because you wrote them so damn well.
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  2. If I end up being even one-tenth of the writer that you are then, I’ll move mountains in my time. Your post was beautiful. Thank you for sharing a sliver of your world and shining a light on Love.

  3. You are such an amazing writer. I am right there with you with every word and feel it in my belly.
    How lucky you both are, or maybe you made your luck. Thanks for a peek into your heart.