The Jester is OUT (but you can find me elsewhere)

Hey there Jester fiends! I’ve been really busy this week. I’m helping out with the Nutcracker. I’ve been sewing on hooks and chasing small people in brightly colored costumes. I am, how do you say in this language? A zombie right now? But that’s actually a wonderful state for me for December, as it keeps me out of my own head.

However, AmyBeth Inverness, who is a kickass awesome writer herself, and whose writing, along with mine, appears in the Write on Edge Anthology Precipice, went and interviewed me for her blog. She asked some great questions, and if you head over there, you can find out who I think shot first, Han or Greedo.

About jesterqueen:
Jessie Powell is the Jester Queen. She likes to tell you about her dog, her kids, her fiction, and her blog, but not necessarily in that order.


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