It’s an online cooking party, and YOU are totally invited


This Pampered Chef corkscrew was a wedding gift over eleven years ago. It’s still a goto favorite at our house. See, Pampered Chef is so incredible that even SCOTT, who is not ever awed by brand names, loves it.

If you know me at all, you know I’m not a girly-girl. Frills, bows, and uugh dresses do not excite me. I prick my fingers when I try to sew (just ask anybody who heard me cussing the needles last month at the ballet). And my housekeeping skills are bargain-basement-bad. (Scott’s, thankfully, are up to par.)


There is one traditionally female thing I love to do. (And hey, guys enjoy this, too). And that’s cook. Baking, especially appeals to me. I’m in the middle of a fifty pound weight loss jag, though. Yes, I did say fifty pounds. And yes, I did say, in the middle. More like, beyond the middle. Even with Christmas accounted for, I’ve lost over 30 pounds so far. (35 of them actually,  but I have no idea what percentage 35 is of 50, and I can’t be bothered to figure it out.) I weigh 165 right now. That’s fifteen off what my final weight will be.

I’ve been using the Glycemic index diet (no, I’m not diabetic, but Jesus it works). I eat right. I eat plenty. And I’m not hungry. But also? I’m not baking. And all of my cooking toys? Are baking toys. (And people, I adore kitchen gadgets like some people are into S&M in the bedroom. I’ll just let you digest that nugget.) I haven’t been able to really play in my kitchen for months. I was so desperate over Christmas that I invented sugar free marzipan. Sugar. Free. Marzipan. (Not butter free, so tons of fat, sorry.) (I love you generic Splenda.)  What I need are new toys. Things that aren’t cake pans and decorating kits (I can’t decorate for shit anyway). Things that will make healthy cooking feel breezy-easy.

But I wasn’t going to actually do anything about that need. I have been doing my healthy cooking fine without healthy gadgets. And I am not a big spender. But then, something freaking awesome happened. All the useless newspaper Jumbles that I did over the Christmas break totally paid off. Because I was the first one to unscramble the word Stoneware when Pampered Chef consultant  Patricia Pagliai posted it. And she was offering an online party as the prize.

I won.


I feel like I won the LOTTERY.

I have been to Pampered Chef parties. I have yearned quietly over their catalogs. But I haven’t actually bought anything in years, largely because I have a well stocked kitchen. But this is encouragement to get rid of some of the stuff I am not using and replace it with things I need. And the best part? The absolutely best part in the whole world is that because this is an online party, you’re invited!!

What: Pampered Chef Online Party

When: January 9-16


How: Select ‘Shop Online’, then enter “Jessie B. Powell” as the host (you need that B, so copy and paste from here).

Can’t wait to see you there. I mean here. I mean … just COME already!!! And if you want to schedule your own party down the road, Patricia is so awesome, and she’d love to work with you, too.


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It’s an online cooking party, and YOU are totally invited — 9 Comments

  1. Damn, congrats on the weight loss! That’s amazing. I think you’re really smart to be using glycemic index as your guide — I have never been healthier than when I had gestational diabetes and followed the diet to a T.

    Congrats on winning the party! I’ll have to head over and check it out.
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    • It’s wonderful. Scott and I call it the bland chicken and apple diet some days. And other days, like today when dinner could only be classified as a fail, we call it encouragement to hurry up and get the weight off. But really, most of the things we eat, we enjoy, and we can add back in treats every once in awhile once we hit our goal weights.

  2. Jessie, woo-hoo-hoo. You’ve done way better than I did, and you look great. (Swigs gin-and-tonic.)

    I will happily look for cooking supplies for MTM. But, I’m going to give you another idea as well. For his birthday month, I bought him the OCD chef’s cutting board. He is over the moon. It might make eating carrots and celery more fun for you, because it sure as heck has done it for us.
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  3. Do you have any recommended books for the glycemic index stuff? Because gestational diabetes was probably my healthiest time & I’d desperately like to get back to being, you know, healthy.

    Well, not desperately. Nothing that’s going to make me try too hard or be hungry.

    Really, if you can just get me motivation, that would be awesome. ‘K Thanks!

  4. Congrats, that’s great progress on the weight loss! I think the no-sugar thing might have broken me.

    I keep hearing about this Pampered Chef thing; clearly I need to go take a look!
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