Rebirth at the ballet

Tutus often come in two parts, so that bodices can be separated from the skirts. Snip here, unlace there, and like magic, last month’s flower fairies are reborn as next month’s woodland sprites.




This weekend, Trifextra wants 33 words about rebirth.

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Rebirth at the ballet — 19 Comments

    • How very cool! I’m glad you identified with it. I’m kind of like the bumbling inept apprentice. I think when Candace told me to cut off the ornate flowers, I must have gone back four times with questions that amounted to “Are you SURE”. And she was like, “Yup. Save them for reuse. But we have lots, and they need to look different for the next performance.”

  1. Finally,I learnt how to leave a comment on pages using other formats than wp:-)Am so glad that I can comment on your pieces now.

    Loved how you used the prompt while adding a wonderful 3D image to complement it:-)Loved the smooth transition from one form to another:-)
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  2. Having made many a costume, badly, my fingers are sore from reading this post. I always stuck myself with the needle until my fingers were pulp.
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  3. I read this while standing in Times Square in NYC on Saturday..the perfect place to think about dancing and costumes. I was reminded of all the times that I was a bear, then a bunny, then a top tapping 20’s flapper. You took me right back to my childhood, backstage.

    I love when you write, no matter what it is.
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