Let it Snow

We won’t be getting much of the white stuff down here in Alabama this winter. But we got snowed in at my mother-in-law’s house in Cincinnati the day after Christmas in 2012. Technically, she and Scott did most of the walk clearing. (I was in bed with a 102 degree fever. That is my excuse. I hate snow is the real reason.) But Sam certainly did his share, especially considering that the shovel was bigger than he was.


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Let it Snow — 15 Comments

    • Seriously. There was a blizzard overnight, and I woke up to a dozen “are you OK” text messages from friends down south. I answered something to get them to vanish, like “Wouldn’t know, half dead”. And that, of course, prompted a shit storm of “Wait, what happened???” responses that caused me to

      1) Come out from under the covers to look out the damned window and
      2) Have to send 12 lengthy texts explaining that we had power, Monopoly, and Grandma power to get through, while I personally was going back to my deathbed.

    • He was. Four days later, when I was helping shovel a friend’s walk (and actually having a lot of fun doing it) he was miserable and screaming, and violent, and I kept throwing him in snow drifts to buy a minute or two to shovel before he attacked the front door again.

  1. the only reason I stay in this part of the country is because I cannot live without NYC, I would be so sad if I couldn’t get there whenever the mood struck. One of the reasons is the Snow. I hate winter, the only good thing about winter is the boy’s birthday, my birthday, John’s birthday…and that means CAKE, in the winter. See I can work around things? LOL

    but I love the picture of Sam out in the snow.Children do tend to get very excited about snow. I’m so over it, if I ever liked it in the first place.

    Someone asked me the other day if the boys were excited about it snowing and i said…”NO, they don’t even own snow pants or boots.” She looked like she was going to call Children’s services on me, but damn, Snow to me means movie watching and hours on the couch together.

    I am not encouraging my children to go outside when it snows…please don’t call the cops. 😉
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  2. I love the pics of your precious boy out shoveling snow! I wish it would snow alot here. I dont like the ice it leaves behind, but I love it when its fluffy!
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  3. My brother and his fiancee flew out of Cincinnati that morning justintime to miss the snowstorm; I’m amazed that with all the family members flying this Christmas and all the snow everywhere (my aunt had a white Christmas in FORT WORTH TEXAS), none of us got snowed in anywhere!
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  4. I hope you enjoyed your snow! Living in a snowy state, I agree with Missy. Hate it! But maybe when it’s an occasional break from the Alabama weather it’s more of a novelty? Especially for the kids! Love the picture of Sam!
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    • Oh fuck yeah. Stay safe! There was a fifty car pileup near Middletown today. I hopeyou stay warm and sing Boat Drinks a lot instead of actually shooting 6 holes in your freezer.
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